Ceres Community Project

A few months back when the reality of my treatment plan was settling in, my friend Brooke started looking into ways to have meals delivered to me after surgery and eventually after my in-patient chemo. We stumbled on a few delivery services, and one in particular is a non-profit called the Ceres Community Project which was founded in Sonoma and has recently branched out with a group serving Marin County. I was only in Marin for a month, so I had two deliveries, and the food was amazing, and they would include green tea from a local company along with vegetable broth, soups, dishes and salads made from local organic ingredients. All of the food in Marin was based on Rebecca Katz’ book “One Bite at a Time”. It turned out to be serendipitous because I discovered the Ceres cookbook “Nourishing Connections” at the UCSF Mt. Zion gift shop… It’s a great cookbook with tons of informational tid bits, like reishi mushrooms should not be eaten two days before a round of chemo, etc… I highly recommend it for anyone going through cancer treatments, and for recovering afterwards. Here’s a link to the Ceres Community website.


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