Financial Aid Resources for Breast Cancer

Today I applied for two different financial aid resources to help pay the bills. I’ve continually been amazed at what’s out there… I get overwhelmed with my treatment and when I get a burst of energy, I regroup on taking care of myself financially and look into what’s out there. It gets tricky because of my age… I’m 39 now as of January, and some funds have age limits.

There is a non-profit called Help Now Fund from The Breast Cancer Charities of America that will pay up to $500 in bills directly to the payee. The dates they accept applications are limited to about two weeks a quarter. I JUST found this one and it is due tomorrow. The application period was May 14-25, 2012. I am not sure when the next one opens up, I just got lucky to find this and went to the Cancer Resource Center at UCSF to see if I could track down a social worker I see periodically to see if she could sign the application. It was great, once I had it signed, I wrote a cover letter on the Resource Center’s computer, and faxed it out immediately. The Center is really helpful in that way. The second fund I applied for is based out of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and it’s called The Pink Fund, which will pay bills for up to three months.

When I first got diagnosed, I was so dazed that I couldn’t remember what my social worker helped me apply for, but when the little pieces of aid started coming in, it was so helpful. I will start to post more about this now that I’m starting to recover from everything. I get my scan at the end of the month, on May 31st… and see my doctor on June 6th to talk to him about the results. If I am clear, I get my port removed this summer. Yay.


4 thoughts on “Financial Aid Resources for Breast Cancer

  1. Hommers – So good to hear an update from you. So bizarre – I have a friend who is an advisor at the Pink Fund here in Bloomfield/Birmingham. Have wanted to get more involved with them – was just talking with her about it – and of course thought of you. Please let me know if there is any way I can help.
    Love and hugs. xoxo

    • Oops! I’m sorry I never responded… I was in the thick of it when you emailed me, and it got tough with keeping up with anything. Do you still need anything answered? Cheers, MH

    • Dear Cameron,
      For some reason your comment got cut off so I can’t read all of what you said. The financial aide is tricky because every source is either for specific cancers, age groups, male or female… the list goes on. I had a notebook that I would take notes in when I would stumble on the right type of fund… I would write down the dates and contacts of when I would apply. Sometimes I would forget who I applied to, and then get a check in the mail a few weeks or months later… cool! I got denied from a few, which was unfortunate. The biggest bummer for me was getting denied disability. I needed it. I hope you are doing OK. I was the same way… would get a burst of energy and regroup on the financial resources… It is amazing what is out there. I’m sorry you are in the thick of it. What type of cancer do you have?

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